Before the Initial Session

These are some ideas to go through before the first design session meeting. They are real time-savers, trust me.
1. Project briefing
To get a head-start on your project you need to establish a brief presenting your goals, dreams, and information specific to your site. These range from legal documents to any site studies (geology, for example, helps with deciding what foundation type to choose).
2. Site Assessment
Once you have gathered all the documents relating to the site, you can move on to the analysis. You can take the free 6-day course on Listening to your Land below. You can also purchase the Site Analysis CheckList. They are a list of questions that help understand the specificity of your site, such as solar angles, geography, local identity, environmental factors, etc.
3. Project goals
This step is fundamental to defining the project. In architecture terms, we call it defining the program, meaning a listing and description of the scope of the future build, from uses to sizes. The main questions are: what spaces do you need, which sizes should they have, and how many people are going to use them. Program options for your particular situation is what we'll talk about. There's some very helpful info in the 6-day course below.

The more information can be prepared beforehand, the more the sessions can focus on the project itself instead of searching for files that have gone missing. Any plans or drawings or photos, in a digital format, are useful as well as going through the site-analysis check-list that you can find here. You’re welcome and encouraged to send anything you find describes your vision for the project beforehand. Also, it can be really useful to gather all of your inspiration sources and ideas or questions on the community feed here, at