Auxiliary Dwelling Unit

Surface 32 m2
Dimensions 5.10m x 7.15m (+deck)
Designed as a natural addition to the U-shaped house, this ADU can easily be placed in any backyard with little modifications. As part of the evolution of the U-shaped family house, this cozy dwelling unit is designed to host extended family and friends, in any of a multitude of settings.
280 €

As the children grow older and the family evolves, the ADU can easily be converted into a home for an aging grandparent, a studio for a teenager, a guest house, or even as a rented out space. It can also become the new home office or workshop and, if placed toward the road, can function as a public space too.


The space is structured on the same 1,2m by 2,40 m grid as the U-shaped house, which gives it a certain familiar look. The play between opaque and transparent panels leads to an understanding of each room’s privacy needs. The large living area can be opened from end to end on sunny days and give the feeling of living outside for most of the summer months, and in the winter time the small closed and well insulated space heats up quickly. This inside-outside space is a favorite in permarchitecture plans.

A tiny one person bedroom is directly linked to the bathroom so that an aging person can benefit from ease of access, but if the person using the space doesn’t mind the longer trip, they can block the door and make room for a bigger bed. Ramps can be installed on this ADU for maximum accessibility. The circular pathway throughout also helps in cases of reduced mobility.

Beloved in its simplicity, this tiny layout is versatile and charming.



The best position for this ADU is influenced by the intended use. If the purpose is reduced mobility use, then that should be the priority. The space should feel included in the whole compound, not isolated in the backyard. Sun-wise, it has a lot of flexibility, though keeping the South towards one of the long sides is important. The plan can also be flipped on its N-S axis to suit more contexts. I recommend you buy the Full Package if you intend to make these types of modifications.


The foundations in this project are simple concrete foundations on contour. They can be replaced with a slab foundation or any other type of foundation that your contractor recommends for your particular context. A full geotechnical soil report is the only thing you can trust here.


These plans are designed for young families and their future family. But the layout is flexible enough that it can and should be able to adapt to more than one situation. Life changes and so do our needs in home space. The separation of "buildings" makes it easier to split uses and the clean grid is great for DIY changes. This is a house that can extent from a single unit to a big house family with a granny pad and two teenagers living under the same roof (well, almost). It might not be perfect for all cases, but it might be great for you.

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