10 errors to avoid when designing your sustainable home plan layout: part 4

Apr 17, 2021

Hallways, hallways, hallways

Placing spaces in relation to one another is the main purpose of a house layout. A good layout is therefore one in which the best use of these relationships is made. Imagine:

When coming home with groceries, the path to the fridge and pantry should be minimal. You would also benefit from having a countertop to place the groceries and sort through them. You would need to be able to get to wash your hands first as well. All of these little actions have there own flow and this flow can be smooth and elegant or it can make you run around the kitchen table four times looking for a towel and then making marathon races to the car back and forth tripping on the bags you already brought in but left in the hallway. Which leads me to the most useful tip on the list: kill hallways. Avoid hallways in your layout like the plague. They are expensive, inelegant and dull ways of fixing bad layouts and nothing more. That does not mean you should enter bedrooms directly from the living room of course, or that your dirty rain boots should sit next to the sofa. But avoid filling mismatched rooms with windowless hallways, they make for dark undefined spaces. If you must have a hallway, try to make it into a proper lounge or parlour, with two small armchairs and maybe some bookshelves, and don’t forget about sunlight.