Not making an evolving house plan

Jun 10, 2021

10 errors to avoid when designing your sustainable home plan layout: part 8

One of the main reasons for people selling their houses is the fact that the space has become inadequate. If only a couple of years ago, this house was a perfect fit, today you have kids, the kids have grown up and need more space, or they are adults now and left, or mom with a broken hip moved in , or… The list goes on. To take advantage of your house for the longest time possible, think about the evolution opportunities of the space from the get-go. Also, try to keep your rooms as flexible as possible. The same should go for individual rooms and for whole buildings. We can make our spaces adaptable, able to change along with their users, and that's the most sustainable thing we can do. Find the smallest changes needed to keep existing rooms usable, not scratch and start anew every time there is a change in context.