South-facing windows of course (with eaves)

Jun 10, 2021

Bring more sunshine into your house: part 2

Brace yourself for the ABC of bio-climatic design: Face your living area spaces facing the sun, to soak up all the heat you can during the day. Add an eave above the said windows, long enough to block the sun in the summer as it goes higher and higher in the sky. Do not forget to place a comfortable day bed or armchair for reading right where the sun hits in the mornings when you want to read your paper, or in the afternoons for when you will be sipping tea. Otherwise, the whole thing was for nothing, in my opinion. Maybe your living room will have a fantastic view of the sunset, or maybe, like in my case with cold afternoons, you only have the mornings to rely on. So plan ahead, and design your February sunbathing into the space. You will thank me later.