A passive greenhouse

Jun 10, 2021

Bring more sunshine into your house: part 3

Now this is South-facing window 2.0. The idea of having a space that heats up in the winter sun but protects you from the wind and the cold air is just mouth-watering. Big bonus, you can have plants and veggies growing in there as well, all year in most climates! A passive greenhouse is a windowed-up space that is stuck to the walls of the house (or half-buried in the ground) so that the mass of the walls gives heat back to the space and helps keep steady temperatures. South-facing, obviously, as you would need to get the most exposure as possible. Though recent studies try to explain to us that lack of sun exposure is not the depression-causing villain we thought it was, I still firmly believe that a well positioned passive greenhouse can be the bringer of many winter joys. If you have space, bring that daybed in here, along with books, a desk, and WiFi, and you will not come out of there until the end of March.