Play with the moods of the rooms

Jun 10, 2021

Bring more sunshine into your house: part 7

Every type of light gives a different mood to a space. Think about how morning sun brightens up a kitchen at breakfast like a Nutella ad, but a good novel requires - demands - candle light and deep shadows, curtains and cushions. Every room in the house has its own potential moods and you can and should pair them up with the sunlight possibilities your place provides. I always love being outdoors and looking at leaves moving in the wind, even in the winter, but being a shivery, frail little thing, I shelter under a blanket by a window. I suffer when I can't have sunlight, and will stay in the Sun even if I have to squint my eyes to read the screen (which might not be too healthy).

You might be different. The mood of every room and every activity is paired up with the mood and personality of the person using it. That's why I can't do architecture for you, I can only help you find the way to do it yourself. So if you think you are ready to move forward with your project, take a look at the booking availability and book your first permarchitecture session.