Things to consider when ...Designing your bedroom

Jun 28, 2021

The bedroom is one of those essentially "yours" spaces in a home.

It's funny because, not so long ago, it used to be a pile of straw on the floor in the main room. People all slept in one big room, the same room where they spent their days as well. The one room of the house. It was easier to heat, of course, and furniture was still a sort of foreign concept. Instead, the room was empty in the middle and chairs or benches were stuck to the walls. 

We now have the luxury of private sleeping areas and we should make the most of it. 

Master bedrooms with en suite bathroom and dressing room can be pretty cool. So can tiny den-like sleeping spaces with a fantastic view. Let's see which combination might fit you. 

Here are some things to consider when designing your own bedroom.

  • Sunrise

It is one of the nicest things to start your day with. Seeing the sun getting ready for the day at the same time as me puts me in a good mood for the whole day.

You want to know where to place you bedroom windows so as to get the most out of the East morning view as possible. That means placing the bedroom on the East side of the house obviously, as well as placing the windows in such a way as to see the sun in most of the years' mornings. Note that from December to June, the sun moves a lot. A North-East view will let you see the sunrise in June, but it will be at five am! South-East is where Sun rises in the winter months at 7-8 AM. Of course, you can have windows on two sides, which solves the problem :)

  • Mixed use

Some people might want a big bedroom to spend time in during the day as well. Kids and teenagers use their rooms as a day/night space for example. Working from home these days is all the rage and you might be tempted to just place a desk in your bedroom, where it's nice and quiet. I would argue that being in the same environment all day might be a tad monotonous. We make connections between our environment and certain activities. It seems that passing an exam in the same room you studied helps you perform better. Sleep comes easier if you train your brain to assimilate the bed area with bedtime. So mixing them up might not be as beneficial as the opposite

  • Size

On the same page as the idea of mixed use comes bedroom size and heating. A space where you only come to sleep can be left unheated for most of the day. Some people sleep with their windows open, even in the winter time! But if you want your bedroom nice and toasty and at the same time not use it during the day, you might benefit from making it tinier, so as to heat up faster, and setting up smart heating systems.

  • Storage

I can guarantee you that the more shelves and storage space you have the more you will fill them with stuff. Having a dressing room can make you feel cool, but minimalism is the new black. A couple of shelves for one season's clothes at a time can be enough. The rest of the storage can go elsewhere. Decluttering the bedroom is great for your chakras and stuff.

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