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The Egg

The Egg is a simple yet impressive looking wooden cabin that you can place anywhere and that you can build yourself. It is best made of cross-laminated timber, which is one of the best and most versatile wood products in recent years.
Starting from 150 € 79 €

Tiny homes

The Toiny Series

Tiny all-year-round living cabin designed with bioclimatics and sustainability in mind, featuring a green roof, south-facing deck, pier foundation, cross-ventilation. Perfect for young couples in temperate climates. Funky-looking, easy to build, well designed details, prefab-ready.
Toiny Cabin - Steel frame T01
Tiny steel-frame cabin with green roof
Starting from 280 €
20.4 m2
Toiny Cabin - Wooden frame T02
Tiny wooden cabin plans for a funky easy to build dwelling
Starting from 280 €
18.8 m2

Reciprocal Roof Roundhouse

Round wood cabin in the woods, perfect for forest getaways. You can build a green roof on top. You can build it yourself. You can close it all up or leave it open as a gathering space. It is as versatile a structure as you can get.
Starting from 280 €

Slanted A-frame Cabin

This beautiful holiday cabin features all the elements of a permarchitecture sustainable holiday home. A small 21 sqm house structure for three persons, wooden board structure, DIY friendly, incredibly comfortable and energy efficient
Starting from 280 € 199 €

Family homes

The U-shaped Series

The best thing you can do for yourself and for the planet when building a house is to build small. The second is to build flexible. The permarchitecture solution to this is the evolving house, a home that grows along with you. It's small, but seems big and spacious, taking advantage of inside-outside spaces. And the spaces change purpose as your needs evolve.
U-Shaped Home U01
Progressively evolving family home
Starting from 690 €
117 m2
U-Shaped Home U02
This is the angled version of the U-shaped Family Home U02
Starting from 690 €
115 m2
Auxiliary Dwelling Unit
Easy access ADU for backyard extension
Starting from 280 €
32 m2

Container House

This bio-climatic approach to container houses enhances inside-outside spaces. It's perfect for holiday homes and, with proper positioning, can even be used in tropical climates. The metal frame can be dismantled and the double roof is reflective and ventilated, to dampen summer heat.
Starting from 280 €


The site analysis checklist

Your 14-criteria PDF (9 pages) guide to be sure you don't miss anything when going on your site visit. It's a list of questions that can help better understand the specificity of your site, such as solar angles, water drainage, renewables oportunities, environmental factors etc.
13,90 €
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