Online Permarchitecture Design Sessions

I do online coaching in home design and architecture

I believe a house in which people still thrive 50 years from now is the most sustainable thing we can make.
I help people create beautiful, healthy and ecofriendly homes with as little time and money as possible. Work with me remotely to get expert advice on permarchitecture.
From defining your project, to finding the ideal plan, to choosing materials you want to work with.
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This is perfect for you if...
  • You're just getting started with your self-built adventure and you're looking for the perfect plot
  • You've got yourself a beautiful piece of land and want to make the most out of it
  • You want to build a sustainable home but don't know where to begin
  • You're getting started with home design and layout and there are too many options
  • You have an ongoing home project and got stuck

Things I can help with

  • Designing your own house
  • Bioclimatic design
  • Vizualizing your house in 3D
  • House plans
  • Permaculture design
  • Ecovillage design
  • Site Analysis
  • Off-grid living
  • Sustainable features
  • Tiny space optimization
  • Small and simple home design
  • Natural homes design

How It Works

  1. Choose your date and proceed through payment
  2. If this is your first meeting, gather the information you already have. Read more
  3. The meeting will take place on a video meetings platform. There will be three windows: the first is me, Joanna Petroni, the creator of Permarchitecture, the second is my screen on which the work will be done, and the third is you. Read more
  4. After the session is over, you will receive an email with all the documents that we have been working on together. These are usually pdf, jpeg and SketchUp .skp format. The download link received is available for 7 days.
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1 Session
75 €
What you get:
One Session (50 min) one-on-one Permarchitecture Online Design
Great for:
  • Locating your site and other plan adaptations
  • Solve those on-point questions and doubts that you get while designing your home
  • Just tap into a professionals mind
5 Sessions Pack
340 €
Save 7% (68 € /session)
What you get:
Five design sessions (50 min each) of one-on-one Permarchitecture Online Design*
Great for:
  • Very tiny on spot projects
  • Solve specific issues
  • Starter for a big project
  • Visualizing what could be done into more detail
  • Preliminary plans with no commitment
10 Sessions Pack
675 €
Save 7.5% (67,50 € /session)
What you get:
Ten design sessions (50 min each) of one-on-one Permarchitecture Online Design*
Great for:
  • Perfect for smaller projects
  • Enough for you to really get a grip on your project
  • From positioning to layout, we can get into the details of your plans
20 Sessions Pack
1 190 €
Save 15.5% (59,50 € /session)
What you get:
Twenty design sessions (50 min each) of one-on-one Permarchitecture Online Design*
Great for:
  • Bigger commitments
  • Multiple ongoing projects
  • We can really get into the nitty-gritty of your plans
  • Detailing work you need to kickstart your home project
* Valid for 90 days from day of purchase

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