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Permarchitecture combines system thinking with regenerative design. We help you create regenerative real estate development projects, that reflect a positive vision for the future.

Listen to Your Land is a design method that emphasizes observation and experimentation as a means of understanding the unique characteristics and potential of a specific piece of land.

Permarchitecture is for

  • Architects & real estate developers
  • Purpose driven neighborhood builders
  • Homeowners & homeowners-to-be
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Permarchitecture circle of services

  • Regenerative architecture
  • Bioclimatic and passive solar design
  • Biophilia
  • Sustainability/Net zero strategy
  • Climate adaptation
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Consulting services

Regenerative architecture consulting services for your project.

Have Jo on your project team.

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Develop new skills

Webinars, courses and workshops, for both professionals and passionate homeowners.


Learn and Start Designing

With the Listen to Your Land book.

Explore the book and free Checklist site visit companion guide to get started on your way to working with nature, not against it!


Jo’s Epistolary of Imaginary Friends

A tribe of like-minded people exploring our relationship with nature through the homes we build.

Design for a regenerative future

Find the sustenability solutions that will make your projects a success.

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